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I am going to mention as well that the whole idea of training in school and grading you – even a “grade“ comes from a term, to grade, to build upwards, as you would build a hill or a pyramid. All the terms that you use are building terms from freemasonry that copied its terminology from the architecture of ancient times. Then you go up through your college and you’re a “pupil.“ A pupil is part of your eye, the Eye of Ra. You are a pupil. That’s why you’re “the apple of the eye,“ you see, and you start off as a pupil and then you become a student and then you go up and then you get maybe a diploma or a degree. A “degree“ is also part of the gradient, you see, as you go up the degrees. Then of course if you eventually qualify and you get your little scroll and then you’re handed – that’s your scroll for life, of course, that you’re approved. You’re dumbed down and stupid enough now and been quality approved that you can join their system and work for them in their system. That’s what that means and then they put the little cap on you. That’s the “hod,“ the old Masonic hod. That’s why it’s got that funny shape on it. It’s got the tassel hanging down, that means it’s a limp penis, by the way. That’s what it means, the tassel, and you’re now dumbed down and stupid enough to be allowed to work in their system and you’ve been approved by their quality control management team. That’s what it means. The whole system you’re living in and all the signs and symbols you see around you are freemasonic. That’s the religion that runs this world.