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The number 1 issue we have today in Canada, and have had for the past couple of years, without a shadow of a doubt is the economy.  But as I constantly remind Canadians, there isn’t really a Canadian economy anymore, it is a global economy.  And yes the Canadian economy so to speak is doing better than many other countries, but the general trajectory of the Canadian economy, whether we’re on the downhill, as we were last year, or whether we’re on the rebound as we are this year, is fundamentally determined by the state of the global economy.  And that’s what these meetings are all about, and that’s why they are so critical.  That’s why it’s so critical that we participate and play a major role, because Canadian jobs and Canadian futures are intimately linked to what goes on here.  And quite frankly, everything that we do in our country to improve our country’s position is ultimately to improve that position within the context of a global economy.  And we cannot be effective at major economic matters any longer, unless we work with our other economic partners around the world and work with them closely and intimately.  That is essential.  I know some people don’t like it.  It’s a loss of national sovereignty, but it is a simple reality.  It is a simple reality that we are in a global economy.  The global economy is determining where we’re headed and will determine our future, and we have to play oour interests are protected and advanced.

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