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И это не шоу потому, что это не шоу бизнес, что я делаю здесь. Это действительно учебное. На этой отдельной беседе хотя, и на всех беседах, я пытаюсь связывать как эта система работает всё вместе. Все стороны работают вместе, действительно, в диалектичной игре. Они испозуют обман. Они должны всегда получать послушание общества.



2014.03.02 – Alan Watt ( BLURB ) – Hell is Repetition

Alex Jones with Alan Watt

Alan Watt with Alex Jones

For every totalitarian measure that comes out, you can simply say No.  That’s it.  It will take martyrs.  There’s never been a change in history to get out of under the boot of tyranny that did not take martyrs going to prison for saying, no, I’m not going along with that.  You’re not going to do this in some nice, hygienic way, believe you me.  It’s not going to happen.  And it’s not going to happen by pleading with them either, because these guys have got too much to look forward to.  They’ve been in the planning for hundreds of years.  They don’t plan to change it and turn round and be nice to us. These are monsters at the top, who literally see, like H.G. Wells, he knew darn well about the killing of millions in Russia and the Ukraine with the Soviets, and he thought it was a good thing.  He saw the same thing coming across the Western world, towards the end of the millennium, into the new.  And he says, they would have to kill off millions and millions of young people as well, because they’re all fertile, basically, and that will just simply have to be done.  Very matter of factly.  These guys are monsters.  But at the same time for every law and the minor laws too, that get put out to tax you, and carbon taxes and all the rest of it, you must say, okay, okay.  And when you sign that tax form, you’re acquiescing to them.  And that’s pretty well all you have left at the moment is to change yourself, and say, no, okay I’ll suffer and take the consequences, and with enough people locked up as martyrs, that’s how Ireland helped to free itself, too, with all the thousands of people who were getting slammed in these prisons, during The Troubles, and it was the same thing.

Alan Watt

They have the future planned for those who are living in rural areas where they’ve been rewilding them for years now, in preparation for you lot not being there anymore.  Because, you see, if you put wolves into, say the big national parks, believe you me, the deer, and the caribou, or whatever else happens to live there, learn very quickly that they’re going to get eaten, you see.  And it’s only the stupid humans, when they put them into rural areas, that can’t really figure out that it’s the same with them.  That’s what the ones who own the planet literally think of you.  You’re nothing but food, and you’re in the way, and please move off, and move into the crowded cities.  It’s all planned that way, actually.  And I’ve gone through some government documents, like the think tanks for the military, who have come out with the stuff about the death of the rural areas and that will be part of it. So, I’m not talking off the top of my head here, it’s just the way it’s all planned.  And it may seem strange to those who haven’t read the books put out by the big boys.  You’ve got to read through a lot of dry, boring memoirs of big fat characters to catch the little paragraph or line here or there, where they actually will give something out.  And they count on that too.  Most folk will never read these books, you know.  It’s too boring for them.  There’s no sex and violence in them.  And even the violence that’s in them, it’s in such a beautiful way, you think it’s almost romantic, like poetic, the way they put it across in their books, until you stop and think, they’re actually talking about the death of millions and billions of people, so that they can have the planet all to themselves and their offspring, and no doubt their cloned slaves of the future.

Alan Watt

They are upgrading us into their next stage of the New World Order to bring us through a period of incredible intensified intergenerational crisis, so at the end of it we emerge as a completely new type of society with new morals and new normals, which are given to us by the State. In their mind: a society which is more efficient. Not only will no independent thinking be allowed, it will be impossible to have independent thoughts because they’re going to brain chip you. That’s what it’s all about.

Alan Watt blurb 2007.07.11

    We’re going into a global system and this is where all the top psychopaths compete with each other to be the first king of the whole planet, king of the world, and there’s only one throne there and they all have tremendous egos, so hopefully they’ll start fighting each other at the top. That’s the one thing we have going in our favor, because psychopaths crave power as an addict craves his drug. They can’t stop themselves but they can cooperate up until that level and we have to go through that hell until they start fighting with each other. What we’ve got to watch too is we don’t fight with each other. They have divided society, not only from parent to parent, or man from woman, and all things in between, everyone’s arguing with everyone else. Parents are divided from their children and generations literally don’t really talk to each other. They’re all in their little compartments as they grow up and stay in those compartments as they grow up. We’ve got to start coming together and see the big picture here and realize, hey, we’re all in trouble and so all the petty little differences that there are better be thrown out the window while we come together and stop this; because to allow this to go ahead is to lead into a horror, a nightmare that this world hasn’t seen. Hasn’t seen, but we’ve seen it on smaller scales in nations and so on, but we’ve never seen it on a global scale where the scientists will have the same authority that priests used to have as they burned you at the stake. Who wants to go back to the days where both the Soviets and the Hitlerites were measuring your skull and taking little measurements of your nose and how long your ear was and all this kind of stuff? We’re seeing that emerge in the major psychological magazines today. Same stuff, the shape of the ear and so on, and a little crease over the eyebrow might dictate that this person has criminal tendencies when he grows up. All this voodoo is coming back into the supposed so-called sciences, these new religions they call sciences, and they’re being used again. We’re seeing all of the symptoms of the disease right in front of us right now. Now of course they’re bringing out the big cameras at airports and subways et cetera with the same kind of data in it, to look for certain traits in your face, and if this little computer says you’re stressed out and could go berserk, you’re going to find yourself flat on the ground and tasered. That’s what’s coming in this Brave New Totalitarian World of theirs.


From childhood onwards, you’re bound into schools, again, with certain universal formats to train your mind.  You don’t know who you are at a very young age. You’re not really learning, and yet that’s the vital age for questioning things for yourself. You’re not given the chance to question for yourself. You’re told how things are, how they should be, how they will be and if you want to get along, you accept it. You’re often, in the past, (in some countries, in the present), made to recite national anthems and stand in odd gestures that go back to Egypt, and parrot your dedication to a symbol, which you have no decision-making in what actually made it in the first place, or even a system that you had any say in creating. Standard education, up to high school, was just to give you a basic grounding in the necessities, to make sure that you’re a good worker and producer.  They didn’t get into anything beyond that.


Go back in the writings of Lenin. Lenin said the dictatorship will last about 70 years and then we shall merge into the West. The system that will come out of it will be not quite capitalist and quite socialist. What he’s talking about is this new – it’s actually global socialism, a globalist fascist system at the top running the whole kit-and-caboodle. That’s what it’s all about and they have written about it, the big players wrote about it. They just haven’t taught it in school. They’ve kept us all in the dark. They’ve taught everyone to be nice little social citizens, have a group-think, talk about what’s on television and just play ourselves forever and purr like cats that have been fed and well stroked. That’s how we’ve been trained.