Darnus vystymasis ( žmonių suvarymas į miestus ).

Posted: 2011/12/27 in Alan Watt

They have the future planned for those who are living in rural areas where they’ve been rewilding them for years now, in preparation for you lot not being there anymore.  Because, you see, if you put wolves into, say the big national parks, believe you me, the deer, and the caribou, or whatever else happens to live there, learn very quickly that they’re going to get eaten, you see.  And it’s only the stupid humans, when they put them into rural areas, that can’t really figure out that it’s the same with them.  That’s what the ones who own the planet literally think of you.  You’re nothing but food, and you’re in the way, and please move off, and move into the crowded cities.  It’s all planned that way, actually.  And I’ve gone through some government documents, like the think tanks for the military, who have come out with the stuff about the death of the rural areas and that will be part of it. So, I’m not talking off the top of my head here, it’s just the way it’s all planned.  And it may seem strange to those who haven’t read the books put out by the big boys.  You’ve got to read through a lot of dry, boring memoirs of big fat characters to catch the little paragraph or line here or there, where they actually will give something out.  And they count on that too.  Most folk will never read these books, you know.  It’s too boring for them.  There’s no sex and violence in them.  And even the violence that’s in them, it’s in such a beautiful way, you think it’s almost romantic, like poetic, the way they put it across in their books, until you stop and think, they’re actually talking about the death of millions and billions of people, so that they can have the planet all to themselves and their offspring, and no doubt their cloned slaves of the future.

Alan Watt

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