Smegenų plovimas nuo mažens ( Alan Watt blurbs )

Posted: 2011/11/30 in Alan Watt

From childhood onwards, you’re bound into schools, again, with certain universal formats to train your mind.  You don’t know who you are at a very young age. You’re not really learning, and yet that’s the vital age for questioning things for yourself. You’re not given the chance to question for yourself. You’re told how things are, how they should be, how they will be and if you want to get along, you accept it. You’re often, in the past, (in some countries, in the present), made to recite national anthems and stand in odd gestures that go back to Egypt, and parrot your dedication to a symbol, which you have no decision-making in what actually made it in the first place, or even a system that you had any say in creating. Standard education, up to high school, was just to give you a basic grounding in the necessities, to make sure that you’re a good worker and producer.  They didn’t get into anything beyond that.


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